Know these before moving towards Indian Classical Music

The existence of lively loud buzz of Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga has somewhat diverted the minds of youngsters who find classical music boring. And why not, these pop stars have words and rocking music running on fast and energetic beats which makes people bang up their heads hard, unlike classical music which make people listen it from the heart feeling every single raga and sur grabbing ultimate calmness. But before you try to sing those tough saragama or taal, you must read these Tips to know for Indian classical music beginners.

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Tips to know for classical music beginners

What is Indian Classical Music?

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The foundation of music based on the principles being followed since thousands of years ago that includes Gregorian chants capable of expressing the deepest emotions and feelings. No other type of music could stand in comparison with the expression of classical as it is the founder of several branches of music including pop. “SA Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni SA” are the basic notes of which numerable ragas and taalas have come into existence.Here are some guitar tattoos designs for men and women.

The basic concept to lead you to footsteps of classical music!

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Pack up your determination, perseverance, hard work, patience, skills and glorious voice that comes out from heart. As a beginner, you would need to learn some basic concepts of classical music including Naad and swara thereby understanding the difference between pitch, frequency, scale, notes and so forth.

You must acquire basic knowledge about the musical scale consisting of shuddha, komal and teevra swara along with the fundamental aesthetics of classical music. Knowing about the tempo and its importance in singing is also a significant part of learning music. The conceptual classification of tempo, scale, pitches, ragas and taalas must be engraved inside the brain theoretically as to understand it a better way practically.

Understanding about the basic alankar is what you need to practice a bit before to start off with real classical music. Alankar will make you differentiate between the sound intensity of basic musical notes.

You must have a harmonium or a guitar to know whether you are on a correct scale or not. (Preferably, a harmonium will help do a perfect riyaaz and practice of notes. In case of guitar, you will have to tune it again and again.

The “Must-Knows” and “Must-Dos”

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  • Posture – A proper posture is a must while you sing as to keep you relaxed during the performance. Make sure that your legs are shoulder width apart with knees unlocked and shoulder relaxing leading a comfortable posture while you sing.
  • Always remember, to make your breath last longer always let the voice come from vocal cord and energy from stomach. Singing from stomach with letting your voice spread wide will make your singing more efficient.
  • Warm up your voice with light singing that includes basic riyaaz of “Om”, “Sa” and akaar.
  • Learn about the due management of time during singing by utilizing the time intervals to breathe in and breathe out while singing. You must have a great control over your breath as to enhance the singing skills. Also, focus on increasing the singing horizons by concentrating upon scales by practicing high notes.
  • Sing with mouth wide open and moving in shapes of swara and basic music notes to let the voice come out clear to understand the notes. Singing with a clean mouth with dry tongue is also an important factor making you to get into habit of lowering the saliva.

And don’t feel bad to try again and again with the view to practice more and feel the notes and alankar ringing in your ears. Trust me, it feels so good when you don’t need any earplugs to treat your ears with music but your own song start playing smoothly and softly forcing you to sing again. These voices in the head are the greatest inspiration to follow these Tips to know for classical music beginners.


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