Expert approved tips for Musical Theater Audition

So, the day has come you have been praying, preparing and getting over the obstacles for. Indeed, it’s your passion and will be your profession soon for lifetime. The moment you hear “selected” after audition is the dream comes true feeling. Undoubtedly, you might have been almost away from whole world, friends and society for perusing your passion but on the day of audition, these expert approved tips for musical theater audition will escalate your chances of selection. Tip- Forget everything and rock the audition as it’s your first and last performance.

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Tips for musical theater audition

Acquaint yourself with the basic requirements and preparations. But for better kick start and impressive performance you might need a boost up charge. Therefore, get some motivational quotes and sayings to rock the audition.

Choose song which tells about your voice:

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Experts always suggest a performer to choose the which suits their voice, the song which tells them the type of actual voice you have. Don’t go with the songs just because your friends have been enjoying it.

Take care of voice(healthy diet):

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Best weapon is your voice if you are about nail audition. Though, it’s long process and depends on how long have you been on healthy diet and regularly avoiding junk food, cold water and so on. Moreover, on the day of audition, don’t drink too spicy, salty or cold drink.

Perform your song:

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Or you call it act your song while auditioning. Pour down the feelings and expression in song, that’s how only your performance will touch the heart. Don’t just sing a song like immature or nervous participant.

Don’t you dare forget music sheet:

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Judges won’t accept your apologize for music sheet, where the notations of song you are going to perform are printed. And don’t get the music sheet in the form of a book as it would be hard for you to turn pages especially if you are having piano.


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Of course, everybody rehearses very hard. Perhaps you have been preparing that one song for many months so is it just that you are best? This might get you overconfidence and so will lead you to “take it easy” stage. But seriously, never do that mistake. Practice again from the very beginning of song again and again, few weeks before that big day audition.

Be familiar with the show:

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You better know the show you are going to perform or auditioning, Moreover, do know your monologue and it must be age-appropriate, panel do not want to see inappropriate or stretch song.

Get a back up:

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Who knows what panels are looking for? Once you are finished with the song and perhaps they love it. But they are more prone to test your other genre; they might ask you to sing something else, so better you are prepared with another song so this will prepare you for unexpected moment.


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You might be the good in understanding music and so with the instrument players around you. But seriously, they won’t appreciate if you snap fingers or telling a player to keep that note that way. Make a perfect shot with what you have here. Show some etiquette.

Dress the way you want to address:

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Well, don’t go with the saying this time. They won’t tell you if your attire bother them in any way. But that will affect your results for sure. Let’s keep your outfits fit and simple so your dress address them a calm moment.

Do it and forget it:

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Don’t get yourself infected with stress or nervousness, this is not just the only one audition on earth, you will perform many times in future. Give your best from heart and forget it.

Auditioning place can be an intimidating room for anyone but these tips for musical theater audition will assure you for giving the best hit. Let us know more tips or any experience you have from past auditions, in comment section and make sure you share this post with pals and known ones, especially if they are going to audition.

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