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Expert approved tips for Musical Theater Audition

So, the day has come you have been praying, preparing and getting over the obstacles for. Indeed, it’s your passion and will be your profession soon for lifetime. The moment you hear “selected” after audition is the dream comes true feeling. Undoubtedly, you might have been almost away from whole world, friends and society for

Music Industry is digitally expanding, how?

Technology has made our lives so easy and comfortable. Either it’s about study, business or going to the moon, same as music industry is thriving day by day. It is so easy to listen and download music from internet as music industry is digitally expanding. For instance, you can check out these search engines to

How to Form Your Own Music Band

Merely thinking about being a musician is not going to help you. Achieving dreams require determination, guts and managed plans and proper preparations. A fantastic music band with instruments playing rhythm and an ultimate goal in mind and strong aspiration is all that you will require. Choosing a correct band by knowing about the reputation

Significant Role of Music during Pregnancy

They say, “Giving birth is an ecstatic jubilant adventure not available to males. It is a woman’s crowning creative experience of a lifetime”. A woman is blessed with such a beautiful capability to give birth another small, cute and innocent baby out of her body. Why not make this creative experience more creative and adventurous

How do you describe music to a deaf person?

Indeed, music has no language and it doesn’t need any explanations. It connects feelings from heart to hearts. And that is why, even deaf can hear music. How do you describe music to a deaf person? There’s no doubt regarding the deep relationship between the deaf and music; but what if somebody asked you to