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Gateway to The World Of Music: Basic Musical Notations

Gateway to The World Of Music: Basic Musical Notations

It’s truly said that – ‘Music is a language of sign’. The symbols and notes written on the pages of sheet music represent the pitch and rhythm of the song. If you are planning to expand your general artistic knowledge about musical instruments and wants to learn basic musical notations, so that you are well

Best Travel Songs to add to your Car Playlist

Of course, you love your city and don’t want to leave it but sometimes when you are on trip with your pals, partner or even with family; don’t you think journey must be joyful? Whether you are on long drive or regular route, listening music is better option instead of being irritated with horns of

List of Top ten best zumba songs ever made

When you last heard Zumba song? Was not it so cool enough to let you dance and move? Moreover, zumba songs are good enough to keep you up while workout. However, if listening zumba songs is not your preference or if you might have not heard and enjoyed before, this post will let you know

Ten Best Piano Players in the World

Piano is one of the most diverse and popular musical instrument. With the help of piano, the music industry has created some of the most emotional and moving masterpieces in the world. Below mentioned are some of the best piano players in the world which are known as giant. Best Piano Players in the World

Significant Role of Music during Pregnancy

They say, “Giving birth is an ecstatic jubilant adventure not available to males. It is a woman’s crowning creative experience of a lifetime”. A woman is blessed with such a beautiful capability to give birth another small, cute and innocent baby out of her body. Why not make this creative experience more creative and adventurous

How do you describe music to a deaf person?

Indeed, music has no language and it doesn’t need any explanations. It connects feelings from heart to hearts. And that is why, even deaf can hear music. How do you describe music to a deaf person? There’s no doubt regarding the deep relationship between the deaf and music; but what if somebody asked you to