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Gateway to The World Of Music: Basic Musical Notations

Gateway to The World Of Music: Basic Musical Notations

It’s truly said that – ‘Music is a language of sign’. The symbols and notes written on the pages of sheet music represent the pitch and rhythm of the song. If you are planning to expand your general artistic knowledge about musical instruments and wants to learn basic musical notations, so that you are well

12 Best Websites to Learn Piano Online

Want to play piano flawless and melodious? Even though you are blessed with god gifted talent of music but there are some basics and a format to follow so as to being perfect. Piano instrument can breeze out the tremendously delicious music so as to make you mesmerize. You might have got piano and eager

Top Ten Websites to Learn Guitar Online

Guitar is tremendously famous among people and that’s how its popularity leads many of us to learn it. However, it was not so easy to learn guitar online because of lack of online resources and people had to watch personal CDs and software but, time has changed and luckily, internet grown up with enormous websites

Trying to write a song? Follow these steps

The process of creating music and writing songs have been created with passing time but the base of all the song remains the same. Every song has one motive and that is conveying emotions. Many individuals keep on trying to write a song, but often fail due to lack of procedure or understanding that how