Privacy Policy

Being an important part of rules, regulations and terms of our website, the one reading the contents of supposed to follow these terms as mentioned in the Privacy Policy. We will be using your data as per our rights are concerned with complete confidentiality. Any of your personal information will remain completely confidential and are not going to be shared with any other site at any cost. If someone is not in accordance with these terms and conditions, they may stop browsing through our blog anytime. Also, we could change any term at any point of time as we hold the right to do so as well. In order to subscribe to, you would have to provide the information as demanded by the website.

On reading the Privacy Policy, you will be briefed about all the rules and terms you would have to keep in mind so as to know the information you are sharing knowingly or unknowingly. While you are active on some of the information is being automatically known by us such as-

  • Whereabouts of the site that helped you reach
  • Basic information regarding your computer including language and browser.
  • Time for which you have been using our website.

All about Emails

Users need to know the fact that the point of time at which are registering themselves at this site by answering the asked information, they are permitting us to access them through their Email IDs as a part of communication. We will be saving the content of the mail along with the data provided.

About Cookies and IP addresses

  • Cookies are developed in your own computer by the virtue of which it allows server to store its information about the user in the user’s desktop itself. Whenever you are surfing through, cookies will be automatically clogged in your computer system.
  • Cookies will be processed by the numerous ads about the site whenever you click upon any of them.
  • Choice for saving cookies lies up to you.
  • Http://MusicPiya.Com/ can also store IP addresses so as to easily monitor the security, troubleshooting and aggregate information and also the easy administration of the system.

What data do we store?

  • For the purpose of easy acceptance of data by, we hold the rights to use software applications.
  • Many security managing softwares are being adopted by our site so as to keep all the data confidential.
  • Whenever you share your personal information with us by logging into our site, you are provided with a username and a password which is to be known by you only so that nobody else could access to your account.
  • There are possibilities of finding sources to our site on the blog of third party with their separate and distinct privacy policy. We do not hold any right or control over them.

What information would be shared by the site?

  • According to our policies, MusicPiya may not share user’s personal information with anybody else except the bodies governed by periodic analysis and programmes conducted with a view of marketing and advertising purposes.
  • The information that is being shared with the marketing and advertising companies may be the data that you shared with us while registration or may belong to your non private data so as to enhance the quality of services.
  • Privacy policy is a complete description of all the rules, regulations and terms followed throughout the operations. No legal rights are to be created by regarding any of its users.

The Block Purpose behind the sharing of Information

  • We understand the necessity for confidentiality of information that our users share with us. No information will be shared without your notice. It is our foremost duty to let you know the very reason behind the sharing the personal or non personal data.
  • MusicPiya tends to share the data collected from you so that greater quality services can be provided by keeping track of several internal records and your participation & inclination towards our content.
  • We are liable to share your information with the third party offering certain services to The site may also share users’ personal personal information with it’s partners or subsidiaries ensuring that they will abide by all the terms in the policy (subsidiaries and partners will stick to this policy).
  • Data will be shared with a third party if and only if we think that all our users’ information are going into safe hands and no fraudulent activities are going to take place making use of those information.
  • However, the responsibility of securing the personal data has to be taken by both; users and MusicPiya. Make sure that the username and password provided for logging into your registered account is kept with utmost secrecy. Also, stay alert while you disclose any other personal information having being active on website.
  • Major objective behind the privacy policy is to ensure the complete security of users’ rights, MusicPiya’s rights and other rights concerned with the public.

What Legal actions are to be taken and when?

We believe in writing contents by our own individual thoughts which makes our contents more creative. If any other site feels like their texts have been copied by us, please do let us know so that we may remove them at the earliest. But if we find anybody copying contents from our blog without our concern and is not abiding by our terms of policy; then we will be taking required legal actions so as to get those contents removed.


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