Music Industry is digitally expanding, how?

Technology has made our lives so easy and comfortable. Either it’s about study, business or going to the moon, same as music industry is thriving day by day. It is so easy to listen and download music from internet as music industry is digitally expanding. For instance, you can check out these search engines to

How to Form Your Own Music Band

Merely thinking about being a musician is not going to help you. Achieving dreams require determination, guts and managed plans and proper preparations. A fantastic music band with instruments playing rhythm and an ultimate goal in mind and strong aspiration is all that you will require. Choosing a correct band by knowing about the reputation

Ten Best Music Apps for Android

Here’s a great opportunity for those who wished to play guitar or drum or synthesizer or piano and amaze people with their beautiful rhythm but unfortunately they couldn’t! Does the love for music still exist and the wish to play instruments is still there deep inside the hearts? Your android phones are blessed with several

Bob Marley: The Man of Music

The ultimate legend of music, Bob Marley, was an incredible singer, songwriter, guitarist and a great musician who was born on Feb 6, 1945. Bob Marley, originally Robert Nesta Marley, lost his father at a tender age of 10 years in 1955 thereby moving to Trenchtown, Kingston with his mother Candella Booker where he began

These songs will push you to do more exercise!!

The loud scream of Lady Gaga when mixes up with a expeditious music could have often insisted you to shout with absolute energy whole working out in gym! You have to push yourself silently though energetically! Exercising is tiring process as it needs you to put your laziness aside and move with energy so as

Ten Best Piano Players in the World

Piano is one of the most diverse and popular musical instrument. With the help of piano, the music industry has created some of the most emotional and moving masterpieces in the world. Below mentioned are some of the best piano players in the world which are known as giant. Best Piano Players in the World