Ten Purposeful Easter Songs for Kids

Festivals are an important part of our lives. They teach us about our old traditions and values. Our elders love to educate and guide us on the type of festivals we celebrate and the rituals which are to be followed along with them. There is a reason associated with this. During ancient times, our ancestors

15 Emotional Hollywood Songs that trigger your Feelings

Emotional songs always mirror our emotions and feelings for your loved ones, life and even sometimes when you think or miss past days and time. You might have cried when you heard emotional song in solitude, emotional people do, actually it happens with all of us. We are blessed with music for every moment of

20 Best Good Night Songs to end your day happily

A kid loves to hear fairy tales and stories from his/her mother to be in sweet dreams of beautiful and lovely sleep. You might have enjoyed those best nights of your childhood days. And when you become teen and adult, best good night songs can do that for you. Exactly, same as the best good

Top 12 Best Halloween Songs for Kids

Indeed, kids have their own likes and interests which are quite different from adults. Indeed, a Halloween party is kind of horrible sometimes unless you have suitable music to make the atmosphere. Music can make this moment unforgettable and fantastic for everyone but when it comes to play kids’ favorite songs, get ready to add

Best Travel Songs to add to your Car Playlist

Of course, you love your city and don’t want to leave it but sometimes when you are on trip with your pals, partner or even with family; don’t you think journey must be joyful? Whether you are on long drive or regular route, listening music is better option instead of being irritated with horns of

List of Top ten best zumba songs ever made

When you last heard Zumba song? Was not it so cool enough to let you dance and move? Moreover, zumba songs are good enough to keep you up while workout. However, if listening zumba songs is not your preference or if you might have not heard and enjoyed before, this post will let you know