15 Entertaining Music Games for Kids to have some FUN

Music has its own feelings, language and humor. Flow of rhythm and bang in beats can definitely hypnotize anyone. Even a kid dance, move his/her head and hands when listens music. The fact is, music has its significant positive effects on children’s mind. Most of the times, kids love to play games, activities to have fun. This time we gathered up musical games for kids to play and have great fun. These below given music games for kids can be played as school or home. Let’s play these games with kids to have real time fun.

Music Games for Kidsf

Music Games for Kids

Music and games! What a combo! The best moment comes, when your kid’s friends come home and gather to watch T.V. or play video games, or even listening music, ask them to play musical games for fun. On kids’ birthday nothing would be much better than playing musical games with them. Choose the best musical games for kids from these shared games.

Balloon Dance:

Music Games for Kids1

This musical game is one of the most famous and highly recommended among adults. This game lets people come together and makes strong bond meanwhile playing it. Though this game needs two people with one balloon to carry and dance, but one can play too. You have to hold the balloon until music stops.

Music and Movement:

Music Games for Kids2

Kids have to clap or hop depends upon the rhythm of music. Mainly, this musical game is played for children development of experiencing the movements related to music.

Dance and fall down:

Music Games for Kids3

Hit the music and when it stops you got to fall down. Yeah, the more kids play this game, more fun they will have to seeing each other falling down together at a same time.

Musical Chair:

Music Games for Kids4

Kids love this high handed game! Place the chairs in round form and play music, kids got to run until the song stops and sit on the chair near to them. This game needs good physical activity so is good for health as well.

Pass the Parcel:

Music Games for Kids5

Get a parcel or anything to hold and to pass it on further. Once the song starts, start passing parcel to another kid and when the song stops, the passing parcel has to be stopped and that kid is asked to do task, like singing, dancing, or any funny activity.

Recognize the Instrument:

Music Games for Kids6

This game needs various instruments, the instruments you have the more interesting and funny the game will be. Play any instrument and ask kids to recognize the instrument it comes from.

Dance Freeze:

Music Games for Kids7

Move freely, dance freely but make sure once the song stop, you got to be freeze on that moment, whatever be the your posture of body movement.

Noise Blower:

Music Games for Kids8

This is just a different activity to have fun. Get a cardboard tube i.e. toilet paper and an elastic band to hold the covered wax paper. Once you are done with the construction as shown in image, get ready to make some noise.

Tips to consider before deciding music games for kids:

  • Every game has its requirements of number of kids and instruments. Hence, make sure to play the game which needs almost no stuffs or instruments, use what you already have.
  • Many games are especially considered as teaching mathematics and English. Therefore, decide the game which is best for and learning purpose.
  • However, musical games mentioned in this post are for kids but adults, parents can join them also. While playing games a strong bond and team work is built up between parents and kids.

Here are the remaining music games for kids given below:

Tissue Dance:

Music Games for Kids9

Sing(True) or Dare:

Music Games for Kids10

Dressing up Dancing:

Music Games for Kids11


Music Games for Kids12

Musical statues:

Music Games for Kids13

Music Cards:

Music Games for Kids14


Music Games for Kids15

Kids always need enjoyable activities to have great fun. Musical games needs kids, a family might have two or three kids buts calling kids from neighbor or their pals, will cause a better friendship between them. Hope you enjoyed these music games for kids and got the best game for your little champs. Let us know more musical games for kids in comment section and feel free to share this post.


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