How to release a music album successfully (Easy Steps)

It does not actually matter that you are involved with a great and famous producer for recording your music and releasing your album or not. Whether you spend huge amount of money working with a big producer or simply sell your own recording, your ultimate goal is to make people listen your music.  It is quite possible that big bands and renowned record labels can even make similar mistakes as new entrants which ultimately do not make your recording successful. Such mistakes prevent your recording from grabbing a chance to achieve success. So, in order to make huge number of people fan of your album and appreciate it then you need to execute a solid plan before your bring your album to the market. There are some important steps on How to release a music album Successfully which you should follow peculiarly in order to make more and more people hear your music.

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It would be wrong to assume that just because your album is available online; it is even being sold online or even if it’s available at various booths, still anyone would have complete knowledge about it, care about it or would even give a thought to buy it. The main tasks are to be done before the release of your album. You need to develop people’s interest in advance and much prior to the original release of the album. Read on to about easy steps for a successful launch of a music album.

How to release a music album successfully

The date of receiving CDs at your doorstep and date of release should not be same

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This is a big mistake that even big bands can make.

  • It is not necessary that the day your Music CDs arrive at your place, you start distributing them same day.
  • When you could wait for months and years to prepare an album then why not to give some more days and make your album popular in media.
  • Its right to give time rather than feeling sorry later on.

Target the right media contacts

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It’ extremely important to send your music to the right bloggers and magazines as to reach digitally expanding music industry that will increase your fan-following. For successful release it very crucial that you create awareness about it in advance through right channels and sources.

A low-budget audio video shoot

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It is important to have a video to support your songs and albums rightly after its launch. If the song and video would be great, your followers will like and share it further with their friends as well. With the help of us you can create advance coverage for your next release as well.

Release party is a must

How to release a music album successfully

There can be various suggestions on how to release a music album successfully. But whatsoever they may be, everybody will agree that an album release party is a must.

  • It is more than just ordinary shows and needs to extremely special as well.
  • As discussed, you need to take a gap of months between date of release and the day when you get your CDs back from the manufacturer.
  • Use the in between time for promotion.
  • Create a Facebook event and make your friends, relatives and fans extremely mad about it so that they bring number of people along with them.

Take care of distribution channels


This is important. Ideally one must have already lined-up the distribution before this point but still the fact can’t be ignored.

Set up your distribution channels. Also, stay assured that your CDs are in stock and available as per the orders. They should be ready for shipment as well according to release of album. Also, make sure it is available for pre-sale as well on online shopping sites and everywhere else as well.

Finally after following and learning about these steps on how to release a music album, when the big day arrives then there is nothing more to do else than just rocking it.


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