15 Emotional Hollywood Songs that trigger your Feelings

Emotional songs always mirror our emotions and feelings for your loved ones, life and even sometimes when you think or miss past days and time. You might have cried when you heard emotional song in solitude, emotional people do, actually it happens with all of us. We are blessed with music for every moment of life even if it’s birthday bash, motivational songs to do insane workout and so on. In fact, songs can let you a sweet and healthy sleep, you should check out these good night songs to end up your day. In addition to, your playlist, we have shared emotional Hollywood songs via this post.

emotional hollywood song

Emotional hollywood songs

Music makes our feelings and emotions alive therefore, emotional songs should be precisely selected and suitable for your genre. Whatever the moment is, either it’s break up, patch up, missing old days, missing loved ones and may be the happiest moment of life you spent, emotional songs reflect the vibes you look for.

Redemption Song:

Get ready to spell bind with this magical piece from Bob Marley’s library. Bob Marley sung this song and was released in October 1980 and belongs to the album, ‘Uprising’. If you are madly in love with Bob Marley you should know few things about his life, here.

My Immortal:

This song same from an American rock band Evanescence and the interesting this is, this was from their debut studio album. Officially, this song was released in 2003 and became widely famous among fans. This song will let you memorize the past hard times, or sad moments you have gone through.

Why Not Me:

Enrique Iglesias sung this song and it could be the best song for you if your lover has left you or has not accepted you. The famous line from this song is, ‘Why oh why oh why’. Enrique’s voice just poured the emotions via lyrics of this song.

Last Kiss:

The list of emotional Hollywood songs could not be completed without this saddest song. First, this song was released by Wayne Cochran in 1961, but later re-recorded again by Pearl Jam. This song will surely wet your eyes and remind you the saddest moments of real life.

How to save life:

The song belongs to rock band The Fray and released in 2005 and later the band was certified with double platinum and platinum from Australia, UK, New Zealand and Canada.

The last night-Skillet:

The song is for you if ever thought of bad about your life or even when you feel that your life is not good and all negative thinking. This famous song is blend with genre of hard rock and alternative metal.

Under the bridge:

You love red hot chili peppers? And looking for emotional song? You better grab this song from the album Blood sugar sex magik. The song was released in 1991 and nominated for Grammy award for best rock performance.

The Power of Good Bye:

Yay! Madona’s song! The song is from her studio album Ray of light and was released in 1998. When electronic music and break up lyrics combine together, you get this emotional song. This is a recommended song for everyone out there to add up in playlist.


Who would not love to listen a song from Metallica? Melodious and magical music composed this song with astounding lyrics and when you get this song, I bet you, your eyes are going to wet for moment you listen this song.


Via this song, you will see Britney Spears’s breathy vocals damn. However, the song was released in 2004 but was recorded in 2002. You will love the guitar work in this song and it was one of the best songs from Britney’s library.

Here are the remaining emotional Hollywood songs below:

Tears in heaven by Eric clapton:

The Earth song by Micheal Jackson:

Cruel Summer by Ace of Base:

Alone by Heart:

Hole in My Soul by Aerosmith:

Nobody seeks for sad songs, usually, even though if you already have selected sad songs in your songs play list but when the moment comes and you fond the list to be updated with new songs. Emotional Hollywood songs are full of morals and lessons for life and so people love these songs. Sometimes, a song is needed to feel, to realize the importance of relation and so here is the list of songs for mom and daughter. Now, grab the list or any selected song and let us know if you want to share your favorite emotional song.


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