Ten Purposeful Easter Songs for Kids

Festivals are an important part of our lives. They teach us about our old traditions and values. Our elders love to educate and guide us on the type of festivals we celebrate and the rituals which are to be followed along with them. There is a reason associated with this. During ancient times, our ancestors used to do each and everything in a very systematized and sophisticated way. They have left golden and memorable stories for us to listen and learn by heart. Although, in the present days no festival or occasion is celebrated with the same enthusiasm and customs as it was done earlier but still with the help of small things we try to revive the golden past.

Easter Songs for Kids1

We all are aware that Easter 2016 is approaching soon. This year we all will celebrate the festival of new beginning and exchanging gifts in the most unique and peaceful manner. Kids always become more excited whenever the season of festivals begins. They love to do new things and try to give their best in supporting parents. It is on a whole a different venture for them in order to learn all the new customs and traditions. Their memories are long-lived and they keep on cherishing such moments for a greater period. So this Easter, we bring list of Easter songs for Kids. If you want your child to enjoy this festive season and surprise your guests with their performances then tell them about these lovely Easter songs.

Easter Songs for Kids

Did you ever see a bunny?

Easter Bunny and Easter eggs are one of the most unique features of this festival. Although, many children are afraid of Easter bunnies and rabbits but still they always love to know more about them. “Did you ever see a Bunny” will definitely your child and even your guests.

Easter Bunny

There are number of Easter songs for Kids which you can simply get from the web. Easter Bunny is another beautiful song. ‘Hop along little Easter Bunny’ such lyrics impress each and every kid.


It is almost impossible to not talk about eggs on Easter. How can you forget that your kid loves to decorate Easter eggs and they are more excited than you to color them, paint them and exchange them with their friends.

“Eggs come in many sizes

Eggs hold some big surprises”

Kids love this song a lot and it’s much easier to memorize as well.

Rabbit Doesn’t have a tail at all

This one is quite funny. If your kid fears bunny and rabbits badly then making them hear this funny song would bring a smile on their face.

See the Easter Bunny

It is natural that you will find many Easter songs which revolve around the Bunny. Allow your child to sing this song.

Jelly Bean Countdown

Jellies and other colorful objects are must on Easter. Let your kid count the jellies with different colors and sizes with the help of this Easter Song.

Easter Hat

All the Easter songs for kids are mostly based on Bunnies and Eggs. But this Easter Hat will song will make your kid learn something new and different about the festival.

The Easter Miracle

Your kid may find this song as difficult to understand or learn. But with little supervision, the whole song would become clear like a crystal.

Bunny, Bunny

This one is too pleasant to listen.

Bunny, white bunny
With ears so tall
And your two pink eyes
And your mouth so small.
Wiggle goes one ear.
Wiggle goes the other.
Hop, hop, hop, hop
Home to your mother!


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