MusicPiya – Obsession, zeal and enthusiasm for music! It is a blog for music and music lovers where you would get a unique set of content regarding music. We aim at making our readers feel that they are a significant part of this family thereby earning those priceless smiles on their faces. Let this family be so huge that no obstacle could make it lag behind in the race towards success. On every busy day when you don’t get time to spend time with your passion – music; come over here so as to gather some more information about the new trends and new genres of music.

Addiction can be Positive!

The major thing which we want to coney through this disclaimer is that we aren’t going to insist anyone to be the part of MusicPiya because we believe that once you understand the quality of our contents, you would not be able to resist reading them all over again. The reason behind this positive addiction is that we make efforts while selecting authors for our website. Rather than making anybody write about music, we tend to search for a person who could make you feel the beats of music along with getting infinite knowledge. What makes our writers distinct and their write-ups unique is the very simple fact that they generate their own thoughts. They are given complete authority to put their thoughts and emotions into words boundlessly. But it doesn’t provide any scope for false information; rather everything is based upon facts and discoveries.

Follow rules, Grab success

  • Basic and the most important rule of our website is to build our own block of creativity & content and not to let any other blog even touch it. No other website has got the right to copy our contents and articles without our permission. If any blog or site is found doing this illegal activity, legal action would be taken against them strictly. Neither do our authors believe in copying nor do we permit them to do so.
  • We work according to our will and nobody can control the freedom of our thought because we are not related to any political organization by any means. We make our own rules and regulations with the due consideration of our “Strength” that is our “Readers” so as to strengthen the bonds that you share with MusicPiya. Check out our Privacy Policy and get complete information about the rules that MusicPiya follows authentically.
  • Preference will always be given to the facts, honesty and quality of content regardless of sex, caste, race or any other personal aspect.

A walk towards Perfection

Perfection is a false perception as it resides at infinity. But one can at least try to touch the cloud of perception, isn’t it? All you need to do is to trust the capabilities within and keep on moving towards perfection. That is what we do. While moving towards the residence of perfection, we may commit certain mistakes or miss out certain important things. Being a part of MusicPiya family, it is your responsibility to respond to our mistakes and let us correct them efficiently in order to enhance further progress and improved style of putting loads of information. To know us more, check out the About Us page of our website.


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