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7 Best Songwriting Apps to Pour Feelings into Words

7 Best Songwriting Apps to Pour Feelings into Words

For a song to be titled as thoughtful, well written and organized, it’s necessary for all of us to get inspired from something. Your source of inspiration can be anything and from anywhere, meaning it can either be birds sitting on a tree, rain drops on the leaf of a plant or girls and boys

Ten Best Music Apps for Android

Here’s a great opportunity for those who wished to play guitar or drum or synthesizer or piano and amaze people with their beautiful rhythm but unfortunately they couldn’t! Does the love for music still exist and the wish to play instruments is still there deep inside the hearts? Your android phones are blessed with several

Top Ten Best Lyrics Apps for Android

Some individuals are really crazy about music and they have the passion of collecting songs and lyrics. Continuous efforts are taken by them to find good lyrics on internet, however sometimes it turns out to disappointment because they are unable to reach out to sources which can provide them such information. Considering the need of