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8 Rocking Female Pop Singers of all Time

8 Rocking Female Pop Singers of all Time

Music is something with which we all have some sort of attachment or bonding. Music affects our life in some or the other way. In each and every small occasion of our life, music plays an important role. For some people, their whole life revolves around music only. Many great female singers have gained popularity

Bob Marley: The Man of Music

The ultimate legend of music, Bob Marley, was an incredible singer, songwriter, guitarist and a great musician who was born on Feb 6, 1945. Bob Marley, originally Robert Nesta Marley, lost his father at a tender age of 10 years in 1955 thereby moving to Trenchtown, Kingston with his mother Candella Booker where he began

Ten Best Piano Players in the World

Piano is one of the most diverse and popular musical instrument. With the help of piano, the music industry has created some of the most emotional and moving masterpieces in the world. Below mentioned are some of the best piano players in the world which are known as giant. Best Piano Players in the World

Top 12 Best Hard Rock Bands in the World

Hard rock is a genre which started with bands like Grand funk, cream, Steppenwolf and mountain. Hard bands are rooted in garage rock, psychedelic rock and blue rocks which included elements of post punk. This genre is one of the most beloved, followed and played band. We are going to discuss about some of the

Top 12 Best Female Jazz Singers till Now

They say, “A Painter paints his picture on canvas but musicians paint their picture on silence”. Life is just completely incomplete without music. The recipe of life would have been incomplete without music which depicts salt. From the sweet song of a nightingale to a baby‘s laughter; from the thunderstorms to the slow and calm

Top Ten Best Ghazal Singers of all time

Music holds an important place in everyone’s life and different people take music in different way, like some consider music as mood relaxing while some take music as stress busters. There are different genres of music and out of them the most famous one is Ghazal. The peace and calmness within Ghazal is just amazing