7 Best Songwriting Apps to Pour Feelings into Words

For a song to be titled as thoughtful, well written and organized, it’s necessary for all of us to get inspired from something. Your source of inspiration can be anything and from anywhere, meaning it can either be birds sitting on a tree, rain drops on the leaf of a plant or girls and boys sitting under a tree.

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From above statement, it’s clear that song writing can be broken down into two parts at its most basic level: inspiration and execution. Creative and talented people are always in search of a good source of inspiration, a place to successfully store those ideas and visions and the best technical means that can release their songs without being biased. In these context songwriting apps plays a crucial role.The best good nights songs to ends your day happily.

Best Songwriting Apps

The most important part of best songwriting apps is that you can properly express the emotion that struck into your mind. Here are top 7 songwriting apps to help songwriters in accomplishing their writing process.

Evernote | Download Now: Android | iOS

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It is an excellent app used for storing purposes such as – text, audio, photo and other important notes in a systematic way. People love this app because it can read your handwriting. It’s basically a classier version of your notepad, with added functions like – automatic syncing, audio recording and so on.

SUGGESTER |Download Now: Android | iOS

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If you are a songwriter and you don’t know what chord should follow your A mirror suspension, you should definitely choose this app. If you know basic chord structure when you want to have a background in music theory, th app saves your time when you are in the process of writing. This app shows your every chord possible in your key signature as well as patterns and progressions.

Hum| Download Now: Android | iOS

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This app was created by musicians and writers, who actually polled their local music community on their most wanted features. They have created a note taking app with a voice memo, so that you can easily attach your lyric ideas right to your melodies. Hum is among best songwriting apps which saves all your important stuff like – songs, photo and videos.

Sound Cloud| Download Now: Android | iOS

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The sound cloud app is a very simple and effective way to create audio recordings that are automatically saved to your sound cloud account. As a songwriter when you are in the process of perfecting a song, sound cloud provides you rough demos.

B-Rhymes| Download Now: Android | iOS

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We always look for unique and interesting rhyme that seems quite useful to others and easily learnt by them in the form of song. But to have ultimate and outstanding ideas for that is not an easy job. Even, many writers stuck at this point of creativity. But, B-Rhymes app proves beneficial to get those ideas for you. This app is very good and useful for children.

Simple Songwriter| Download Now: Android | iOS

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From new music learners to advanced musicians, this app helps them to eliminate the negative thinking that sometimes inhibits their creative writing process. Using this app, you can easily create new songs and record them for future use. You can even create seamless modulations and play with tempos of the song. This app is one of the best songwriting apps in the field of music.

Four Track| Download Now: Android | iOS

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It is an extremely powerful app that works in the form of a fully-functional four track recorder from your phone. This app performs many functions such as – multi track recording, calibrated meters and faders, input monitoring, file import and sharing, the best part is that this app can record at true 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz (CD quality).

At last, these best songwriting apps are meant to help you with your songwriting process.For kids here are some amazing Halloween songs.  

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