20 Best Old Hindi Songs List to feel the melody of Bollywood

Mumbai, the city of Bollywood is growing up with rapid rate of serving block buster movies every year. Bollywood movies are blend of romance, drama and action, and apart from that, one of the best things is songs that makes Bollywood movies must watch . These songs are widely famous not only in India but also in the whole Asian countries as well. It’s now modern time and music industry is digitally growing day by day. But, legendary singers and musicians gave us the beautifully melodious songs and so known as evergreen songs. The post recommends you the listed best old Hindi songs of Bollywood.

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Best Old Hindi Songs List

Evergreen songs are so inspiring that people got inspired and decided to become a singer, instrument player and musicians. Are you injected with passion and love for music? Want to learn guitar? Why don’t you check out these websites to learn guitar online?

Chura Liya hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko:

Beautifully composed song by Rahul Dev Burman, from movie, Yado ki Barat is one of the best romantic songs. The movie was released in 1992 and as embedded video shows how the guy sings a song for beautiful girl, so loved by huge audience.

Papa Kehtay hain bda naam kregaa:

However, the movie was inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, so was a romantic movie but this song is something different. Udit Narayan sang this song and Amir Khan performs as song to his father. Every father must be proud of his son after hearing this song.

Chappa chappa charkha chale:

The song belongs to the movie, Maachis and was released in 1996 and so still is considered as a unique song. Hariharan and Suresh Wadkar gave their voices to this melodious song. The movie is about Punjab- riots.

Roop Tera Mastana:

Kishor Kumar sang this romantic song from the movie Aaradhna wherein Rajesh khanna and Sharmila Tagor performance played as icing on cake. This is recommended song for every couple and guys; especially you should dedicate or sing this song for your love.

Pal Pal dil ke pass:

Another song voiced by Kishor Kumar from the movie Black mail. Honestly speaking if you listen this song once, you won’t be spend a single day without listening this song. A romantic and sweet song, and the fact is one who is in love, should love this song.

Mere sapno ki rani kab ayegi tu:

Either you are waiting for your dream girl, fantasizing about her, want to impress her, need to pacify her or want to impress her, this song is for you. This song assures you she won’t deny to her feelings for you.

Kya khub Lagti ho:

Mukesh and Kanchan have made this song an evergreen piece and men should have to dedicate this song to lovers. Guys need to impress their girls and so this melodious song will ensure your girlfriend how much beautiful she is as you think of her.

Aane wala pal jaane wala hai:

An emotional and worth meaning full song from comedy movie, Gol maal is considered as widely preferred song by teen, adults and everyone. Kishor Kumar has sung this song in simply beautiful way and it feels so calm when you enjoy the song in solitude.

Aye mere watan ke logon:

This is how Lata Mangeshkar poured her sweet voices in order to dedicate few lines to the soldiers died in war. The song is epic and in comparable to any other song. On the occasion of Independence Day, this song gets preference. And if you love your country, you better have this one.

Jo wada kiya wo nibhana padega:

Yeah, in love you should be with your words and promises that you had committed to you lover. So this one reminds about those un forgettable and emotional moments you spent with your lover.

Likhe jo khat tuje:

Late. Mohamad raffi’s one the best songs and is still glittering in the sky of music. This is so called evergreen as the song reminds a lover about her/his love letters and cards. Indeed it’s an era mailing and texting but the days of sharing love letters were amazing.

Chhoo lene do najuk hoton ko:

This is something you could try out when you feel to kiss her lips, yes, the a soft and sweet version of asking permission to kiss lover. Have you ever thought of asking for kissing could be the evergreen song? But this one is, you better have it first.

Remaining list of songs is as given below:

Dil ka bhanwar kre pukar:

Bekhudi me sanam:

Baharo phool barsao:

Kya hua tera wada:

O meree mahabooba:

Tauba ye matwali chaal:

Dream Girl:

Yeh dil na hota bechara:

As they say old is gold and evergreen songs are truly composed, sung and performed by legends of Bollywood industry. Despite of listening loud and bombastic songs sometimes we want soft and sweet melodious songs. Especially if you have got deep love for Bollywood music, then best old hindi songs list may leave you with the best moments of enjoying these songs. The list does not end here as the suggested songs will be considered. Feel free to drop us your suggested songs and views.


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