Best of Rihanna Songs at one Place (12 Songs)

It is undoubtedly a true fact that Rihanna is the Queen of Hits. We may find it unbelievable but it’s a truth that we have been listening to her for almost ten years now. She is actually one of the most successfully superstar of the present generation. Since, last one decade she is the queen of hit songs and the list is unstoppable. She is one of those popular stars who in spite of not having much attractive looks are still doing so well. Best of Rihanna Songs clearly flaunts her style, talent and independent attitude that has impressed the globe. Just like rocking bands, she is capable of banging your heads so hard that you will remember her till your last!

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She was first seen as Barbadian teen with some silly looks. But since those innocent days, Rihanna has completely transformed herself as one of the most iconic figures in the field of pop-music.She is funny at times and equally smoky. Her hotness quotient is incredible which makes her more desirable. She is only 27 years old till date but if we count the number of albums she has released, it would be too high and difficult to believe for anyone. During the course of her extremely successful career, she has sold over 200 million records. She is known for dropping hit after hits.

Best of Rihanna Songs

If you are a die-hard of Rihanna and are looking for best of Rihanna songs then you are at the right place. Coming up are her best songs and biggest hits. Enjoy them.

The Monster
She paired-up with Eminem for this and this teaming up actually paid-off very well. The monster was a sequel to “Love the way you lie”. This track is extremely popular and is Rihanna’s 13th number on the Billboard Hot 100.

Break it off

Most of the people must have actually forgotten this early song of Rihanna. Sean Paul shared bars with RiRi in this. This may be her early spunk but still holds fire.

Take a Bow
The song is all about a Bad break-up. Although it involves humor and eventually makes you remind that no matter what life moves on. A good one off her collection.

Talk that Talk
Who can actually touch Rihanna as he is actually one of the greatest singer in the history of Pop-music? It was long-time back in 2012 when she came with Jay Z to drop one of the best verses “Talk that Talk”

Being one of the best of Rihanna Songs, this song proves that she is still the world champion. There is no escape and no alternative to this piece in pop-history.

The song is all about a peaceful Love. Although, we don’t see RiRi quiet and most of the times she is loud, but this is a pretty refreshing one. Combined with Mikky Ekko, we felt for this one.

What’s my name?
This one is a sexy and silly song that will be remembered and replayed for the years to come. This came as quite bright due to Rihanna and Drake crush. What’s wrong in pretending to be Rihanna for few minutes?

Another best of Rihanna Songs, which should be remembered for years. Fairly simple song but the steel drums in song can actually make you feel like you visiting some other planet.

Only Girl (in the World)
It’s very rare when Rihanna has gone full rave. She has kept pop-song writing full of diversifications. In this case, it worked beautifully.

She sang a ballad and broke out a new ground for herself. “Unfaithful” actually became third top-ten single in Unites states.

Don’t stop the music
This one was really dance floor’s favorite way back in 2007. It not only topped the list of Hot 100 rather it was nominated in Grammy.

Pour it up
She is almost conquering every club in the world. It’s for sure that we will hear this song in all the clubs till the end of the time.


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