Ten Best Music Search Engine to dig out your favorite songs

How often you need a search engine to download audio and video songs ? May be sometimes, or usually you want to keep the songs or videos in  personal collection. And for this, you always need a best and smoothly working search engine for it. However, there are lot of music apps for the mobile users and you must check out these android phone music apps. Indeed, Google and Yahoo are popular search engines but you can get search engines specially made for specific category. Yes, this post is all about best music search engines hope you will get your audios and videos, easily and precisely via these search engines.

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Best music search engine

Sometimes, a search engine comes up with not so easy accessible format if you simply want to download a song. Yes, you are good in technology and you can download from anywhere, but what about the ones who rarely use the search engines.


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It should be on the top of the list, a well-known and widely used search engine for any song, music or video you have been looking for. This is the largest search engine to browse via enormous videos and you need to just type the correct title and it’s all done. But if you want to download it, you should have a downloader.


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Apple Inc. is the owner of this ultimate search engine and only apple or iPhone user can allowed to use it. And if you want to download a movie, song and even a TV show, this is best digital media application for getting best quality of music.


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The best direct access to the songs is always a good feeling and comfortable for the seeker. Once you headed this search engine you need to choose type band name, album name or song name and you will get it within a fraction of seconds. Their embedded montage playlists are awesome.


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This search engine offers you more than 850000 songs and audio files provided on internet. It is so easy to access it and you can get required audio file by giving input the name of artist, album or song title. The mobile version of this search engine makes it one of the best music search engines to dig out your favorite songs.

Hype Machine:

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This musical blog indexes the songs and, sometime if you need a remix version of any song, you can get that here. The toolbar at the bottom of this blog will assure you to share it on social websites so you friends will know what are you listening and where.


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For this search engine you don’t have to type again and again or clicking the right clicks for the further links. You can get it on your browser, Yeah! Whether you are using chrome or Firefox, this could be your add-on and it’s quite easy and will be the best accelerator for discovering your songs.


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Yeah! The skull full of songs, isn’t so cool? This is one of the most widely used search engine for mp3 songs and if before downloading a song you can listen it here. They have made it easy to find the songs from the multimillion database links of songs for the music lovers.


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What to say about this search engine, this provides almost all genre and mood of music. Here you will find pop, jazz, rap, classical and so on. Moreover, this site provides the interviews and articles based on selected musical fields.


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This is so cool! Sometimes we don’t remember the title of song or the album’s name and automatically need to ask a friend. But this search engine won’t let you down. You need to just sing for ten seconds or just you can sing “humm” and it’s done. Resulted song will come up on your screen. This is truly a best music search engine.

Sound Cloud:

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This search engine belongs to berlin and founded in 2007 and every month more than 170 million people come and listen and share songs. Here, they allow users to upload, share and even to create their own sound track.

Best music search engine must be easy to access the songs and to use as well. That’s how music lovers can get the required mp3 and video files. Every search engine has its own way to serve users. So, next time you need a song, visit any of these search engine and let us know if you want to add more search engines and your favorites too.


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