Top Ten Best Music Players for Android

Have you ever heard of a magic which can make you visualize any unimaginable stuff? Indeed, a sweet melody is a natural language that even an animal can understand. But unlike few decades ago, now we don’t need to carry a separate music player for that purpose.

The discovery of the all new smartphones has made it possible to get a music player loaded with your favorite melodies. Check out these best music players for android so as to let your device know your beloved songs. If you’re fond of knowing the correct lyrics of your favorite songs then, best lyrics apps for android can help you in this. You should check them too.

Best Music Players for Android

10. Rocket Music Player

Best Music Players for Android1

What if you get access to iTunes in your android device? Yeah, this music player integrates with iSyncr which adds up to the extraordinary features of the operating system of your device. It is efficiently equipped with integrated video player and audio codecs support. One can easily bookmark a certain part of the music so as to use it further as a podcast. JRT studios have been working with the primary objective of making this music player more compatible with every device.

9. Neutron Music Player

Best Music Players for Android2

  • Neutron music player is so amiable with several android versions after 2.1 that it is worth the cash!
  • It stands amongst the highest rated music players in Google play store as it supports audio formats along with 32/64 bit audio processing.
  • Not only audio formatting but the voice audio formatting is also supported in this player.
  • Along with these features, what makes this player stand differently is its capability to inverse the phase. High quality re-sampling and gapless playback set it right in the list of top ten music players.

8. n7player Music Player

Best Music Players for Android3

“Something a little bit different”. By this you might have understood the fact that n7player believes in thinking something uncommon. Oh my God! N7 mobile sp has proved its tagline correct by amplifying exceptional components like 10 band equalizer, 3D sound effects and lyrics support. But the bad news is that the free version locks its premium features after 10 days without disturbing you from enjoying other flavors.

7. FlipBeats Music Player

Best Music Players for Android4

hSenid Software International (Pvt) Ltd made FlipBeats music player available in Google play store for free in accordance with the android versions 3.0 and up. It is an exclusive music player with an attractive theme. If you are mad for professional and good quality sound; you must refer to FlipBeats player. As the name suggests, its salient features could flip your heartbeats forcing you to get it on your mobile phones. Multi band graphic equalizer, waveform analyzer, pro EQ, and lyrics support; what else can be better than getting these flawless features on your music players for free!

 6. PlayerPro Music Player

Best Music Players for Android5

  • Skin support, tag editing, a number of audio effects along with mixing features and what not is included by this this amazing music app.
  • Even the 10 band graphical equalizer is a few taps apart. PlayerPro Music Player supports codecs and sleep timer as well.
  • No no! The list of its distinctive characteristics is yet to come to an end. It is not only a MP3 but also supports videos. Why to waste another certain MBs of data for loading a video player if it has got the same along with it? Act smart dude!
  • ‘BlastOn SA’ enhanced its compatibility not only with android 2.0 but also the more pronounced versions of android.

5. Shuttle Music Player

Best Music Players for Android6

Haven’t heard of it earlier? No issue! There may be many other pretty things you might b unaware of. SimpleCity ensured its availability for free but in order to access premium and extraordinary features one has to pay $0.99. Shuttle+ is a more pronounced version of shuttle music player as it includes tag editing and folder browsing along with the characteristics like gapless playback, lyrics support, theme support, sleep timer and more.

4. Equaliser+ mp3 Player

Best Music Players for Android7

A wise music player discovered by DJiT is compatible for android 2,3.3 and more new ones. Exceptionally exclusive features such as bass boost and dual screen made it to stand amongst the top ten players for android. The refreshing interface, professional sound rendering, background player mode, volume control, 5 band equalizer and 10 equalizer presets contribute to the virtuoso of the app. In fact, it also includes varied feature of searching the desired file in no time.

3. Google Play Music

Best Music Players for Android8

Calling it just a music player won’t do; rather, ‘Google Play Music’ is what it has to be called so as to know its complete customization deeply. Here comes another good news for the music lovers! Google Play Music is all free and is eagerly waiting for you to install it on your device. Even though it is not updated with several other extraordinary features; it is still counted as the favorite of majority of users as it has the best subscription services of all the players discussed so far. Radio and smooth contextual searches are the great features of this app.

2. Double Twist Music Player

Best Music Players for Android9

Double twist music player has managed to achieve the top of all the apps by running on its tagline efficiently since the time it came into existence. Just like rocket music player, it has also got podcasts making capability so as to help music learners acquire a complete knowledge of varying frequencies of the selected melody. Basically, this music player is available for free but in order to experience new significant features one has to go for some in-app purchases

1. Poweramp Music Player

Best Music Players for Android10

It proudly roars “Among the Elite” telling the world that it’s something exclusively standing out of the world. It is available for free in play store for trail purpose whereas its paid version costs $3.99. MaxMP fulfilled the expectations of users by developing a perfect player for music such that it emphasized upon tag editing, album animation, stereo expansion, crossfade and 10 band graphical equalizer. It broadly supported .cue files and vast customization of music. Damn! This one is for you as it is a perfect set of incredible gestures and themes, that too in affordable prices.

We just shared our views regarding the top ten best music players for android. By the time, you might have downloaded the music player which you think is appropriate for your device. We would be glad to know your choice of music players and answer your queries, if any.


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