Top 10 Best Mother and Daughter Songs in 2016

In this world, there are so many names for mother. No matter what you call her mom, mama, ma, mommy, she will also be your favorite lady and will hold special place in your heart forever. At every stage of your life, your mom will also be your big supporter and No.1 fan.

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Mother daughter songs are special songs between a daughter and her mother and are popular since so many years. Here is a list of 10 best mother and daughter songs in 2015.

Best Mother and Daughter Songs

‘Music of My Heart’

This song is very beautifully written. This song is all about those special memories and gifts that our mentors or mother can give us in our life. This song reveals out a caring nature of a mother and all those things these women give for their daughter. They also help their daughters to hear the music of the heart.

‘A Song for Mama’

It is true that no one can measure the love of a mother ‘the queen of every person’s heart’. In this song the boys are singing in a much harmonized way that ‘You will always be the girl in my life’. The song can make any mother weep if they think that the song is dedicated to them.

‘The Best Day’

It’s a simple but quite effective song by Taylor Swift. She recalls all those special memories with her mother in childhood. Taylor also sings about having a wonderful day with the woman who birthed her.


Daughters of the world can dedicate this song to their mums, when their mothers have become their true friend at every step of their life. The spice girls showed their love and respect to the women who inspired them most by singing this song.

‘I Turn to You’

When it’s dark and a daughter is scared, she is losing the ground and the world is going crazy, then mom is that one person who can turn all negative positive into positive thinking environment and everything seems perfectly alright. This is one of the best mother and daughter songs by Christina’s big and beautiful voice.

Best Mother and Daughter Songs


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