Top Ten Best Lyrics Apps for Android

Some individuals are really crazy about music and they have the passion of collecting songs and lyrics. Continuous efforts are taken by them to find good lyrics on internet, however sometimes it turns out to disappointment because they are unable to reach out to sources which can provide them such information.

Considering the need of such music lovers we have bought forward some music apps which can be used by Android users on their smart phones or other devices. So now with this individuals need not have to waste much of their time, all they have to do is download the app, search for the lyrics and within no time complete results shall be in front of the user. We have mentioned below best lyrics apps for Android which users can download on their device and make complete use of it.

Best Lyrics Apps for Android


Best Lyrics Apps for Android1

The app was developed in the year 2013 and this should form part of smart phones of all music lovers. The application can be used on devices with OS 4.1 and more, along with it, it supports Deezer notification and spotify facility to the user. The user can remove add button from the app easily. The search method is quite easy on the app, as user can find lyrics of various songs by typing in the name of artist, album, song name or words within the song. These features thus make downloading lyrics of any songs easy for the users.

MusicMax Lyrics player

Best Lyrics Apps for Android2

Using this player, user gets the lyrics downloaded on their system automatically. On this player user can listen to their favorite songs along with the lyrics.

  • The application is available for free for the users and this does not contain any advertisement to bother the users.
  • The media player can be organized well and users can browse through the files present within the player.
  • User can also create playlists of their favorite songs which can they hear and read the lyrics while listening.
  • A widget on phone screen can be created through which user can easily access the app on their phone.
  • Moreover they can go through the lyrics in backward or forward form in whichever way they feel perfect.


Best Lyrics Apps for Android3

This app has lyrics engine inbuilt, which allows the user to go through or read the lyrics while they are hearing the song. Hence with this user need not have to face many troubles for finding lyrics of any of their favorite numbers.

Tune wiki

Best Lyrics Apps for Android4-horz

One of the Best Lyrics Apps for Android with some of the amazing features as listed below;

  • Users can listen to the music and along with it goes through the lyrics.
  • The images of the lyrics can be shared with friends present on social media.

KLyrics – Lyrics Finder

Best Lyrics Apps for Android5-horz

With this app, user can match up all the lyrics and videos present in their devices. The app gets continuously updated, which means user can have access to all the new songs and lyrics releasing with every passing day in the market. The user can also browse for lyrics online and can adjust font size within the app according to their requirements.

MixZing Media Player

Best Lyrics Apps for Android6-horz

The application is quite colorful and its easy user graphical interface attracts many users towards it.

  • User will have to purchase the app for once, and then they can enjoy unlimited apps on the device.
  • The lyrics of the song appear along with the music played on the app.
  • Along with it, album name, bio of artist appears on the screen giving complete information to the users.


Best Lyrics Apps for Android7

The app has been designed specifically for the users residing in Canada and US. The application is considered the best for recognizing the song, and then finding and matching appropriate lyrics with it.

Air lyrics

Best Lyrics Apps for Android8-horz

The lyrics do not captures much space on your phone; however it fulfills the purpose of going through lyrics of the songs.

  • The application looks out for lyrics of the songs which are played on the player.
  • Automatically a background is searched which displays while listening to the music.
  • Different kinds of themes and backgrounds can be enjoyed.
  • It works well with Android OS 2.2 and more

Lyrics Grabber

Best Lyrics Apps for Android9-horz

The application is available for free to the users and users can listen to the songs while going through lyrics of the music. However, if user is not interested to read the lyrics then they can disable or enable the lyrics icon on their wish, moreover one can cache lyrics in offline mode whenever they wish to do so.

Fusion Music Player

Best Lyrics Apps for Android10

The app comes without any advertisement for the users and has some more awesome features within it as listed below;

  • A widget can be created on lock screen of the device.
  • User is given an option to share lyrics of the music.
  • The app works well with ICS and other version devices.

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