Ten Best Dad and Daughter Songs in 2016

The relationship between a father and a daughter is something extremely special. It is actually difficult to explain in words the type of bond both share. For every daughter, their fathers are their heroes and undoubtedly they are the first men in their daughter’s life. That is why it is most of the times said that a girl always want to marry a guy like his father who can handle and treat her in the same manner as her father has done for the whole life.  At the same time, fathers are always more emotionally attached and concerned about their female child. Daughters are special for the mom and dad in every way. The way they care and the way they show their love. A daughter always serves her father in the loveliest manner as she could. It is natural for all the Dads to love their daughters in such a unique and incredible way.

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Songs play a vital role in our lives. They are at times a clear expression of our feelings. Those feelings which cannot be expressed in words can be communicated easily by way of songs and their lyrics. Coming up are some of the best Dad and Daughter songs which would melt anyone’s heart. If you are planning to give a dance performance especially with your father on some important occasion such as wedding or your parent’s anniversary then you can take references from the list of songs mentioned below.

Best Dad and Daughter Songs

Isn’t she lovely

This song is recorded by Stevie Wonder.

  • It belongs to the album of songs med keys of life.
  • This is one of the most beautifully expressed songs.
  • If you are planning to express and open up yourself to your daughter about your love and care for her in the most decent manner, then this is just perfect for you.

My Little Girl

Another beautiful song from the album Love story. The lyrics of this song will surely bring tears in your eyes. On the marriage occasion of your daughter, you can dedicate this song to her and bring an emotional moment between you both.

I loved her first – Heartland

This is mostly played on the charts and is famous for the Father and daughter pair. It is mostly requested to be played at the weddings of the daughters.

While you were sleeping

A song by Elvis Perkins.

  • This is simply a heartfelt ode to daughters.
  • Words would be less to express the feelings for this song.
  • It has great folk-rock tune and is mostly preferred for rustic weddings

Stealing Cinderella

Each daughter is an angel for her father. The prince charming and Cinderella stories are nothing new for us. This song is well versed with the prince charming thing and the father and daughter is beautifully expressed in this song.

You’re Gonna miss this

When talking about best dad and daughter songs, it is indispensable to ignore or forget about marriage ceremony of a daughter because ultimately that is the most important occasion in one’s life. Nicely performed and fabulous Vocal make this song more wanted.

There you’ll be

When a father misses his daughter, he can take the help of this lovely musical ballad and express the real emotion easily. We should be thankful to Faith Hill for this song.

Fathers and Daughters

One of the most popular best dad and daughter songs, Fathers and Daughters is a lovely song written by Leroy Parnell and Tony Arata. In this song father recalls memories of this daughter when she was a baby.

Through the years

If you planning a dance item with your dad, then you just can’t miss this song. This extremely beautiful song is recorded by Kenny Rogers and Steve Dorff is the lyricist.

Daughter of Mine

John MC Dermott has performed nicely on this lovely song.

  • This song clearly expresses a father’s love for his daughter with these best dad and daughter songs.
  • If you are planning to perform this song especially on the wedding occasion, it will mesmerize each and every one.
  • Your eyes will get filled with tears after listening to this.


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