About Us

MusicPiya” a true sense of love for music can be felt by this word. One can find anything and everything regarding music so as to get deeper and deeper in love and passion for music. A perfect cluster of articulated images, knowledge, scope, varied genres and historical context of music are being made available over here.

MusicPiya will connect to all the 8 directions of the recreation namely sensing, awareness, thinking, feeling, willing, body, soul and spirit. We run on the fact that love for music can never die as music was there when no mankind had came into existence and it will be there forever. People taking care of your passion are not just randomly made to work for this website; their love for music is what makes them eligible to be a part of this family. We believe in making our readers happy by giving them quality information which could help them learn more about their sensation.

You, Us and We

It’s not a simple fact that, neither do “You” nor do “Us” can bring smiles on our faces. Indeed, it’s “We” who can shoot a fountain of happiness all around. Agreed? We promise to keep you all updated with every new stuff related to music in return of just one thing; a never ending support, from movies to songs, from singers to the secret behind their successes, from the art of learning to the art of making your own-self, from your queries to their feedback. Our vogue for discovering and rendering knowledge is limitless with a view of staying up close together and experiencing the deepened roots of music and strong addiction for information.

The Bird’s Eye

About us page allows you to know that we don’t have a single “Arjuna” aiming at the bird’s eye; but a number of Arjunas are working so as to make our readers contented and radiant. Yes! We do not aim at earning a lot of money but earning respect in the hearts of our readers is our first and foremost goal. In fact, money is nothing if we are earning those incredibly incomparable smiles on your faces. We trust our own thoughts and we believe that our love for music will eventually lead us to success. Moreover, our criteria for the selection of writers is so perfect that they are capable enough to put feelings into words so efficiently that they leave nothing unspoken providing you an amazing journey through MusicPiya.

The Acknowledgment

As stated above, the time upto which we will be together, the smell of integrity, happiness, knowledge and passion for music will be there in the air. Then why not make that time last forever? Stay connected to the rhythm of love, life and music via MusicPiya.com

Your precious suggestions are always welcome. If you feel like some change can make us even better or if something can be added so as to make you feel more connected; do let us know by sharing your advice through Contact Us page. We will be glad to explore all the new things suggested by our very own “YOU”.


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